Neurotypical Bingo

Neurotypical people can sometimes be a source of frustration. I know that many people without autism mean well, but between a lack of knowledge about autistic people, and the many stereotypes people believe about autism, their words and attitudes can be anything from frustrating all the way up to hurtful. Education is important, but sometimes humor is the only solution! Next time you’re in a situation where someone is talking about puzzle pieces or how ‘high functioning’ you are, just mentally check them off on your card, and you’re one step closer to BINGO!

Neurotypical Bingo

Neurotypical Bingo

One thought on “Neurotypical Bingo

  1. Brilliant! I love this! Not the sources of pain and irritation that it came from, nor the people who fueled the need to create it, but it’s an excellent analysis of the phrases we too commonly hear! It’s like some NTs are like robotic dolls with strings stuck to their backs that when pulled, they utter these ignorant lines 💚💙💜


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