6 Word Stories pt.8

When I wrote a lot of these stories, I was having a really terrible week. (I’m slightly ahead on these, so they’re coming to you about a week late). Navigating relationships are hard enough when you’re autistic, that when a disagreement turns into a fight, there are no scripts to use. Especially when you’re feeling angry and betrayed. I don’t know if this friendship can be saved or not, there’s no previous experience for me to pull from. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Hanging out tomorrow, I’m already anxious
  • Plans canceled. Change sucks, still relieved.
  • I wish I handled stress better.
  • Feeling so betrayed by ableist friend.
  • Why aren’t there guidelines for boundaries?
  • Marriage perks: really great pressure hugs!
  • Committee meetings make me feel dumb.

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