6 Word Stories pt.10

So this was super busy, mostly in a good way! I got to engage a lot in not only current special interests, but a past one as well! My local Science Center does pop culture events, and this month was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was a hardcore special interest of mine a few years ago. Buffy did a musical episode, so they played it on the Omnimax screen and we did a sing-a-long! I also played Dungeons and Dragons this week and started thinking about if it was possible for me to play a non-autistic character. Musings on this to come next week. Lastly, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Bullet Journal, to the point where I cramped up my hands. Needle in my hip aside, it was a good week!


  • Needle in hip-no clever quip.
  • It’s fun when baking projects backfire!
  • Exciting news makes me bounce!
  • Sing-a-Longs totally count as good loud.
  • Is my D&D character autistic too?
  • Should my special interest cause injuries?
  • Sometimes little kids just get it.


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