6 Word Stories pt. 11

Between last week’s hip injection, a bunch of physical therapy, and who I am as a person, I didn’t get a lot of sleep this week. Which is fine. Sort of. Actually no. Also, I’ve discovered that the Glitter Lamp with have in the bedroom has become part of my routine. I need it on to fall asleep, and if I’m awake after the timer it’s on goes off, I can’t sleep. Aside from that, I highly recommend glitter lamps. The only saving grace is that St. Louis went from 90 degree days on Saturday, to 55 degrees on the following Monday. And we all know what that means. FUZZY SOCKS!


  • Time with favorite people refreshes me
  • Glitter lamp went off. Can’t sleep.
  • Some days PT is sensory hell.
  • I feel like I’ve forgotten something?
  • Is it edible from the ground?
  • Sweaty hands, nylon strings. Bad ukulele!
  • Fuzzy socks season has arrived. Huzzah!



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