The Ballad of a Biracial Kid

response to the Daily Prompt: Black

*Author’s note: I’m aware I’m using the word ‘Ballad’ loosely*


Come into the world, screaming, crying

10 fingers and 10 toes

The doctor declares you perfect

But he can’t know what’s to come


For the world itself can’t fathom

How a person can be two things at once

Black and white together, in one tiny person

It’s too much for their brains


Two half pieces make a whole

At least that’s how it’s supposed to be

But as anyone with partial pieces knows

That is never the case


Because half is not enough for either side

You’re too light or you’re too dark

People always questioning what you are

Eventually, you start responding ‘guess’


The self-question inevitably begins

Am I enough? White enough, Black enough

Passing privilege weighs heavily

Feeling black but not looking it- Do I count?


Black Lives Matter. Does mine?

Can I use my voice to speak of injustice

Do threats on my life earn me enough credits

Can I buy my way into being a legitimate minority


Worries about fitting in fade away

This is what I tell myself anyway

I say ‘I can’t change who I am’

But still, I wish I belonged somewhere


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