Snapshot: Knit and Purl

Something I haven’t outgrown from when I was younger is the need to fidget. I didn’t know the word ‘stim’ back then, but that’s definitely what I was doing. When I was in high school, my parents got really annoyed because whenever I’d watch TV, I’d take apart the remote controls, which inevitably broke, and they were tired of fixing them. So in order the keep my hands busy, I decided to learn how to knit. I figured old ladies did it, so it couldn’t be that hard, plus, all the yarn I saw at Wal Mart cost $3, so it was a cheap replacement!

Oh how little I knew back then. Sixteen year old me couldn’t have known that I would pay $30 for a skein of yarn, or that I’d make lace so complicated it would take a day to do a row, or that I’d end up owning a spinning wheel. She also couldn’t have known that her fidget replacement would be her very first hobby.

When all you have are special interests, hobbies can be hard to come by. Something that you enjoy, but you’re not obsessed with. Knitting became this for me. I found the process of using my hands soothing, that following complex patterns stimulated my brain, and that giving away things I’d created was very satisfying! I’ve never found a hobby that hits as many areas as knitting does, which is honestly ok with me. It means that I can keep looking if I want, but if I don’t find one, knitting will never leave me.

3 thoughts on “Snapshot: Knit and Purl

  1. I also found the need to fidget all the time with my hands. Also had a need to chew when frustrated or anxious. I would bite my nails, knuckles till they bled, chewed my clothes until they were ruined and even bit game controllers. My brother would get so mad I was ruining our controllers. Lol And yes I was constantly nagged by my parents and grandparents alike to stop ruining my nails and clothing. It wasn’t until I was actually into my early 20’s I found out it was apart of stimming behavior and if I had found out sooner I would have just bought fidget toys and toys that are safe to chew. I stopped chewing game controllers and my clothing though in my teens. It was very hard to stop though. Just wish I knew sooner there was solutions that were much more effective and safer, but could still satisfy my need to stim.

    Other than stimming toys I really enjoy coloring with crayons and coloring books. 😀


    • I’m a serious chewer too, when I discovered chewelry it was like a miracle, my nails and pen caps were saved! Besides stim toys my favorite stims are swings and ZenTangle-ing. Making the same pattern over and over when I’m doing a ZenTangle is really calming!

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      • Yes, chewlary was an amazing invention! I forgot about swings, I haven’t been on a swing in quite awhile, but had an obsession with swinging for a long time. xD I have never heard of Zentangle-ling, will have to look into it. 😀

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