A Meager Life

To someone looking in, it may seem as though I live a meager life, and that my world is lacking in desirable qualities. I would argue that this view is closed minded and that we all have different values
What I value can be summed up in two words: Feel Good. I put all my energy into people and places and things that make my life better. Shouldn’t I want my life to be the best that it can be?
I’ve spent so long being stuck in my own miserable head, with no hope, no drive, and no future. I didn’t know what I wanted from life, or what life wanted from me. I definitely didn’t know what would make me happy.
But slowly, I’ve learned. Now I can identify things that give my life quality, and cultivate them, so they grow bigger and stronger. As time goes on, my life gains richness and strength, and this is what I fight for.
My life may seem dull because many things that others enjoy don’t really interest me. And I certainly don’t judge others on how they chose to spend their time. Whether it’s bar hopping and spa days, or Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars, invest in the things that make you feel good.
And remember, whatever you enjoy, whatever feeds your soul, that is what keeps your life from being meager.

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