6 Word Stories pt. 16

We are full swing of the holiday season here at the La Casa de Stimtheline. Besides making eggnog cake and pumpkin cake, we’ve also made Gluten Free Gingerbread People! We’ve haven’t tried them since Jess went Gluten Free, but they turned out really well! I also registered for college classes, which is both exciting and terrifying. I got my ASĀ  6 years ago, and figured I was done with school, yet, here I am. Now that I have an on paper diagnosis, I can utilize their accessibility student services, which I’m hoping makes a big difference! Because of this, and of how huge my laptop is, I downsized to a Surface Pro 3, it’s so cool! But oh boy, are all the changes hard to get used to.

  • Being both exhausted and bored sucks.
  • Rolling out cookies is so satisfying.
  • What if salespeople just didn’t talk?
  • Adjusting to new technology feels hopeless.
  • I beat elementary schoolers at Dreidel!
  • Back to school after six years…
  • Dear brain, shut up, love Me.

Coming up this week: Dungeons and Dragons night! My character is venturing into the forest to investigate a suspicious cave. Wish me luck!

Gratitude Gremlins

So I’m going to need you to stick with me when I say that I have Gratitude Gremlins. The definition of a gremlin defines it as “An invisible being, that causes problems or difficulties”. And let me tell you- gratitude definitely causes me difficulties.

It’s not the concept of gratitude that I struggle with. I’ve lived through 29 thanksgivings, with their required recitation of things we’re thankful for. I’m pretty sure for at least 25 of those, I’ve been grateful for my cats. Which says a lot about who I am as a person.

My problem is gratitude within the scope of mental health. Starting off my day reciting 3 things I’m grateful for seems forced. I think gratitude is much more authentic when it comes spontaneously. In fact, I would go as far as to say that pushing yourself to rack your brain for something you’re thankful for kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise.

I prefer to express my gratitudes as they come. “I love your hair!”, “This pie is delicious!”, “What would I do without you?”, “You’re hilarious, I love it!”. “I love you”. When I think something positive about someone, I tell them. It’s good for both of our souls.

That being said, I am thankful for many things, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

  • The Cats- they keep me warm, give me someone to talk to, and they make me laugh.
  • Jess- my wife, my humor twin, my soulmate, my interpreter to the world.
  • My team- the doctors and therapists that keep me going.
  • My recovery- my life is so much fuller when it’s not filled with an eating disorder.
  • Coffee- for reasons I should not have to explain.
  • My Dungeons and Dragons group- they provide socialization and epic adventures.
  • The kids I volunteer with- they’re funny and unpredictable, they keep me moving!
  • My City- for giving me opportunities to get out and do stuff.

Honorable mention includes the Gluten Free cinnamon buns we made, they were amazing!

I hope all the Americans here have a happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, Happy Thursday! As always, I’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions, favorite foods, and what you’re thankful for!